US and UK Army Chiefs speak at RUSI about the evolution and the challenges to their respective service Outgoing British Army Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt outlines the British Army’s analysis of recent conflicts and the lessons drawn for future conflict. And US Army Chief of Staff, General George Casey, provides an insight into the US Army’s transformation to meet the challenges of twenty-first century warfare. More presentations found at:
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Approaching Iran and the Greater Middle East As Iran chooses between incumbent Ahmedinejad and opposition favourite Mir Hossein Mousavi, a RUSI panel discusses the implications the result will have for international security. What will this mean for President Obama's new posture towards the Middle East? Chaired by Christopher Dickey, Paris Bureau Chief, Middle East Regional Editor, Newsweek International. Speakers: Malcolm Chalmers, Professorial Fellow, RUSI; Sir Richard Dalton, Former UK Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran; and Steven Clemons, Senior Fellow and Director, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation. The Panel spoke at the RUSI Global Leadership Forum
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