A lecture by the Rt Hon Bob Ainsworth MP, Secretary of State for Defence.

Bob Ainsworth discussed the progress being made in Afghanistan, addressing issues of operational welfare and support to troops on operations. He also set out the government’s commitment to Armed Forces personnel in general, including mapping out the implementation of the Service Personnel Command Paper published last year.

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Sir Bill Jeffrey KCB - The Challenges Facing Defence

A lecture by Sir Bill Jeffrey KCB, Permanent Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence, UK.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has recently published a Strategy for Defence. This strategy, focused on the period to 2014, maps out the path to the Defence Review which will take place after the General Election. The immediate goals are clear, even before we undertake a review; we have to succeed in Afghanistan, and any other contingent operations we are asked to undertake in the years ahead; we need to continue to meet our standing tasks against direct threats to the UK and overseas territories, including provision of the UK's independent nuclear deterrent. 

Sir Bill Jeffrey detailed the crucial role that people across defence, both military and civilian, play in tackling these challenges.

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Annual Chief of the Defence Staff Lecture On 3 December 2009 Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, Chief of the Defence Staff, UK Ministry of Defence addressed RUSI members on the UK's operational commitments in Afghanistan. In his annual lecture to the Royal United Services Institute in London, the Chief of the Defence Staff said the Taliban could not win in Afghanistan. But the international coalition could fail if it lost its nerve. He said: 'The Taliban is not going to defeat us militarily, but we want the same patience, courage and discipline that soldiers show here from the public at home.'
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