Women from the highest ranks of defence forces from ten countries have been meeting at a conference to celebrate their achievement and discuss the issues they face. Lizz Pearson talks to the organisers of the conference and finds out that the issues are less about gender and more about sharing expertise.

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Chinese Power and the Eurozone Crisis

In this RUSI Analysis podcast, we turn East to China, lately the focus of European financial hopes. Europe's leaders recently asked China to buy European Financial Stability Fund bonds, a move they hoped would bail Europe out of the financial crisis. But it seems not to have worked, so far. Alexander Neill, RUSI's Senior Research Fellow for Asia Studies discusses the significance of the request and its potential outcomes.

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Assessing the Libya Campaign

RUSI Director Professor Michael Clarke assesses the Libya military campaign after the fall of Qadhafi and the transition to a new Libyan government. He talks to Lizz Pearson and outlines RUSI's research into this intervention.

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The Shadow Foreign Secretary addresses RUSI reflecting on the upheaval in the Middle East and challenges for foreign policy.

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Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell IV, Commander, NATO Training Mission and Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan, on ‘Progress and Challenges to Transition in Afghanistan‘.

The General spoke at RUSI via video link on Friday 23 September 2011. Ten years into the war in Afghanistan, the Afghan National Security Force (ANSF) has begun to assume the lead for security of its country. For the past 22 months, the Afghans, alongside the men and women of the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan (NTM-A), have worked tirelessly to develop their Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police to be capable of providing security across Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

In his lecture, Lieutenant General Caldwell will discuss how the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police, assisted by NTM-A’s security force assistance, have generated capable forces which continue to grow in quality and professionalism.

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http://www.rusi.org/palestinestatehoodconference for all the videos.

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http://www.rusi.org/cwc Bitish Filmmaker Jon Amiel and leading Hollywood executive Dave Brown take part in the first event of RUSI's Conflict, War and Culture Series. How does the film industry deal with war in the twenty-first century? To what extent is the fantasy violence portrayed in films influencing how we see real wars? Do war films further our understanding of historical events and why do such films come in and out of fashion?

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