Dr Jonathan Eyal, Associate Director of RUSI speaks with Professor Anand Menon on the UK's place in the world after Brexit and in a Trump Presidency. Anand Menon is Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at Kings College London and Director of the UK in a Changing Europe Initiative.

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Karin von Hippel appeared on the BBC's Today programme on 21 January to discuss the Trump Presidency the day after his inauguration. 

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As Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the USA, experts from a range of specialisms discuss what the prospects will be like for his presidency and impact on defence and international security.

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Trump and the Challenges to the Transatlantic Relationship

As Donald Trump prepares to take on the office of US president, RUSI Associate Director Dr Jonathan Eyal speaks to NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu on the prospects for the transatlantic relationship in the year ahead. 

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RUSI Military Sciences Director Dr Peter Roberts suggests that a change in international norms and behaviours will have significant impact in how major powers interact, with a heightened risk of escalation and a more unpredictable environment.

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Associate Director Dr. Jonathan Eyal, argues that in 2017 Europe may see a rise in populist politicians aiming to capitalise on the anti-establishment wave seen in Britain and the US with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

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RUSI's Deputy Director General Malcolm Chalmers suggests that 2017 could see increased tension between major powers, especially over areas such as trade and defence.

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