Latest New National Security Appointments in the US

Dr Karin von Hippel, Director General of RUSI comments on the latest additions to the next US government, particularly the selection of Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor.

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Category:Analysis -- posted at: 2:42pm UTC Lizz Pearson speaks with analyst Dominik Donald who recently wrote in the RUSI Journal analysing the piracy threat off the coast of Somalia.

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Women from the highest ranks of defence forces from ten countries have been meeting at a conference to celebrate their achievement and discuss the issues they face. Lizz Pearson talks to the organisers of the conference and finds out that the issues are less about gender and more about sharing expertise.

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Chinese Power and the Eurozone Crisis

In this RUSI Analysis podcast, we turn East to China, lately the focus of European financial hopes. Europe's leaders recently asked China to buy European Financial Stability Fund bonds, a move they hoped would bail Europe out of the financial crisis. But it seems not to have worked, so far. Alexander Neill, RUSI's Senior Research Fellow for Asia Studies discusses the significance of the request and its potential outcomes.

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Assessing the Libya Campaign

RUSI Director Professor Michael Clarke assesses the Libya military campaign after the fall of Qadhafi and the transition to a new Libyan government. He talks to Lizz Pearson and outlines RUSI's research into this intervention.

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