RUSI Director General Dr Karin von Hippel discusses the remaining threat posed by ISIS following the imminent fall of Mosul.

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Dr Jonathan Eyal, Associate Director of RUSI speaks with Professor Anand Menon on the UK's place in the world after Brexit and in a Trump Presidency. Anand Menon is Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at Kings College London and Director of the UK in a Changing Europe Initiative.

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Karin von Hippel appeared on the BBC's Today programme on 21 January to discuss the Trump Presidency the day after his inauguration. 

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As Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the USA, experts from a range of specialisms discuss what the prospects will be like for his presidency and impact on defence and international security.

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Trump and the Challenges to the Transatlantic Relationship

As Donald Trump prepares to take on the office of US president, RUSI Associate Director Dr Jonathan Eyal speaks to NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu on the prospects for the transatlantic relationship in the year ahead. 

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RUSI Military Sciences Director Dr Peter Roberts suggests that a change in international norms and behaviours will have significant impact in how major powers interact, with a heightened risk of escalation and a more unpredictable environment.

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Associate Director Dr. Jonathan Eyal, argues that in 2017 Europe may see a rise in populist politicians aiming to capitalise on the anti-establishment wave seen in Britain and the US with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

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RUSI's Deputy Director General Malcolm Chalmers suggests that 2017 could see increased tension between major powers, especially over areas such as trade and defence.

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Was Barak Obama's strategy in Syria a disaster? Dr Karin von Hippel discusses the issue on BBC's Today programme on 20 August 2016.

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A RUSI panel chaired by Sir Christopher Meyer, on the impact of the media on the EU referendum. With figures from across the political and media spectrum, as well as the regulatory bodies, RUSI hosted a wide-ranging discussion and try to cut through some of the mythology surrounding the media’s influence. The event was chaired by Sir Christopher Meyer, former chairman of the Press Complaints Commission, and he was joined by the following journalists: Professor Roy Greenslade, City University London Peter Preston, The Guardian Tim Montgomerie, The Times
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RUSI hosted the third RUSI-Ditchley Foundation roundtable, focusing on challenges posed by growing flows of migration to Europe. The panelists were former Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Charles Clarke now Visiting Professor, School of Politics, University of East Anglia, and former chair of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips OBE, now Director, WebberPhillips. More information about the event here:

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A briefing with Brigadier-General Ahmed al-Assiri, spokesman of the Arab coalition. Chaired by Sir Simon Mayall.

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Dr Jonathan Eyal, Associate Director at RUSI discusses the European Summit and Britain's referendum to stay in the European Union with Professor Malcolm Chalmers, RUSI Deputy Director General, Elizabeth Quintana, Senior Research Fellow and Director of Military Sciences and Professor Trevor Taylor, Senior Research Fellow

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In this episode of the RUSI Analysis Podcast, experts Peter Roberts, Edward Schwarck, Igor Sutyagin and Ewan Lawson debate whether the formulation of strategy really does have any implications in geopolitics.

Does Vladimir Putin truly have a strategy, and does Russia need one to get what it really wants? Can Daesh’s strategy be understood by conventional Western thinking? And should states make their strategies clear to all, or keep their opponents guessing?


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Dr Henry Kissinger Awarded RUSI Chesney Gold Medal

On 15 June 2015, RUSI awarded Dr Henry Kissinger the 36th Chesney Gold Medal. 

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In his lecture to RUSI, Field Marshal Bramall shared his thoughts on the changing face of conflict. Drawing on his unique personal experience of soldiering at every level, dating from his service in the Second World War, he considered how warfare has changed. More importantly, he also reminded us of the lessons we should have been drawing from that and will offer guidance for the future with regards to strategy and execution.


Field Marshal the Lord Bramall of Bushfield KG GCB OBE MC is a British Army officer who served as Chief of the General Staff between 1979 and 1982. He was subsequently appointed Chief of the Defence Staff, the professional head of the British Armed Forces, and served in that role from 1982 to 1985. After his retirement, Field Marshal Bramall served as Lord Lieutenant of Greater London from 1986 to 1998. He was raised to the peerage in 1987 and further invested as a Knight of the Garter (the United Kingdom’s highest order of chivalry) in 1990.

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This week, the RUSI Analysis Podcast examines corruption, and how money lost to it can be reclaimed. The issue's the subject of a paper called Plundering the Treasure Chest, published recently by RUSI. It highlights the relevance of corruption to global security, and the success of Western interventions. The research was written by the Deputy Director for RUSI's Defence, Industries and Society Programme, Dr John Louth - with Angela Barkhouse an associate director at Grant Thornton, the independent assurance, tax and advisory firm, and James Maton, a partner with Edwards Wildman Palmer solicitors. This collaboration between sectors is something they all want to see in the process of recovering monies lost by nation states to corruption.. or 'sovereign wealth recovery'.

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Elizabeth Pearson speaks to Thomas Rid, a Reader in War Studies at King’s College, London, and he and colleague Peter McBurney recently wrote about cyberweapons for the RUSI Journal, setting out some pioneering new ideas about their use. I met Thomas Rid at King's to find out more.. and began by asking him if cyberweaponry was any easier to define than cyberwar.. 

Thomas Rid, Reader in War Studies at King's College London. Listen next time when I'll be finding out how corruption is risking global security.. and why the solution doesn't lie with the military or politicians alone

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Security for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will include the deployment of more than thirteen thousand military personnel joining police and private security teams. The Government revised the Games' security budget up from £282m to £553m in December last year. So what is the terror threat likely to look like? And will the operation be a hindrance to long-term UK counter-terroris>

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Defence spending cuts are rarely out of the news.  One of the ways of economising is for the UK's Ministry of Defence to spend money on so-called, 'off the shelf' systems.  But there could be problems with that.  In this podcast, Elizabeth Pearson talks to Dr John Louth, Deputy Head of RUSI's Defence Industries and Society Programme.  He's looked into the effects of buying off the shelf - and found it could be a false economy.  I began by asking Dr Louth about the current strategy for Defence buying.

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